My name is Cristi. I also go by Pip.

I love to cook.
I like to eat.
I write.
So I do all three, sometimes simultaneously, here at Pip Cooks.

In my twenty-something years I’ve managed to work as an assistant, writer, line cook and event planner. I can usually be found writing, testing recipes or hosting parties with Brian—my best friend who I was fortunate enough to marry. I’m inspired by New York, cookbooks, love, friends and chocolate.

I believe choosing the right foods can transform your health and vitality, and sharing meals with those you love is one of the simplest ways to feel most satisfied.

Pip Cooks is a little nook reserved for recipes, musings, restaurant chats and much more.Anything food-related is on the table, and all appetites are encouraged.

Pull up a chair and join me in the kitchen, where I'm cooking life’s stories, one meal at a time.