As a graduate of The French Culinary Institute and as a food writer, I am available for the following services in the New York City area:

  • Personal Chef - No worries if you're short on time or experience--regular gourmet meals for you and your family can become a reality. I can coordinate with you and your schedule by either delivering prepared dishes to you or by cooking and serving them in the comfort of your home.

  • Cooking Classes - Are you interested in learning more about living a healthier life? Start in the kitchen! I offer one-on-one and group cooking classes that focus on cooking delicious-yet-simple recipes. Classes that highlight specific culinary styles (Italian, Mexican, Asian) and approaches (vegan, raw, macrobiotic) are available, and these classes are a great way to celebrate a special occasion or "Girls' Night In"!

  • Menu Planning - Perhaps you're a master of the kitchen, but are used to preparing SAD (Standard American Diet) meals like fried chicken and french fries. We can work together to create a customized menu plan for you that will not only launch a more nutritious diet, but also keep you feeling vibrant and satisfied.

  • Writing - I've worked on several books and e-books, and authored articles on various topics of food and wine. As a result, I've formed many relationships with the top chefs and food purveyors of New York City. I would love to hear about and contribute to upcoming editorial projects relating to our inspiring and innovative culinary scene.

Please contact me directly here to discuss service rates and available services.