Water, No Cupcakes.

Sometime between third grade and today, I fell out of love with birthdays. Not just any 'ol birthday...but mine. After all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that the former shy girl wouldn't like everyone circled around her watching her blow the candles out and awkwardly open presents.

Still, every year I have a little shindig. Friends, family, cake, cocktails...the usual.

Not this year.

This year, I'm giving up my birthday. I'm forgetting about the $14 cocktails, the obligatory gift I always need to buy myself (because I 'deserve' it), the gifts I ask for but don't really need, and the party that usually ends with a 2am stop at a dive pizza joint.

I'm asking only for water, not cupcakes.

Instead of the gifts and grandeur, can I ask you a favor? Can you take three minutes to go to Charity Water's web site and change your view on the world? Wait, no. Event, faster, I'll give you the Spark Notes' version. Charity Water has shed light on the fact that dirty water is the number one killer in third world countries. Not war. Not incurable diseases. Dirty water. Check it out:

Who needs new fancy shoes when we can be drilling for liquid gold?

Big hugs.