Croissants and cobblestone.

So is it showing? Can you tell that I've been too busy for Pip Cooks?

That was a trick question. If you were silently nodding in agreement, you fail. There's no such thing as too busy for this site, although I've certainly been acting otherwise.

Work, cleaning, cooking, some friends, more work. You know, the usual.

I have to let you know, though. I've gotten a glimpse at paradise. They call it Montreal.

Le Petit Hotel in Old Montreal
I traveled there to work for a very brief two days, but I must say, I think I fell in love a little.
If you like French food, pleasant people, clean cities, old fashioned architecture and cobblestone lined-streets, you're in luck. If you're into croissants, coffee and enjoy cute hotels, you've hit the lotto.

This little neighborhood spot was exceptional in the sense that they take the most normal lunch and bakery items and launch them into the stratosphere with amazing flavors, textures and ingredients.

Flakiest croissants, frothiest cappuccinos, coolest peanut butter-sea salt-cayenne cookies. Also, super-nice people. Canadians clearly have a lot to be happy about.

The takeaway lesson for me was this: Choose whatever you like to do--as simple and mundane as you think it may be--and just do it well. Like, really well.

That's when the magic happens.

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