Things that last.

I have this thing about first and last impressions. I'm really into them.

A first impression can never be changed; it's impossible to convince your brain to remember things differently than it did the first time around. Last impressions are (almost) inarguably more important.

I think about this so often that before buying a new book I read the first and last sentences. This bothers people.  But, if the first sentence doesn't whet your appetite and the last sentence doesn't inspire you to connect the dots in between, why bother?

An impression is defined as having a strong effect on feelings, intellect or conscience.

We're always faced with these seemingly small opportunities to leave a lasting mark. Whether it's positive or not is up to us as individuals. These little-but-powerful moments hold so much potential. You can win friends or make enemies. Get the job or lose one. Earn trust or disrespect. Inspire or tear down.

So many tiny chances add up to to big impressions.

This article, from The New York Times, cleverly dissects the connection between food and music. It's a subject that's been covered before, but this fresh take on it inspired me to remember how much the littlest things can matter.

Plus, the first and last sentences are deliciously enticing and satisfying.

Click here for the full article.

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