Tuesday Getaways: Fig and Fauna

It's Tuesday. That means that it's not Monday and you're almost at Wednesday, which is almost mid-week. For slow-moving weeks like this one, I declare it the new hump day. 

And on this rainy, humid, particularly blah Tuesday, I invite you to briefly steal away for a few moments and (make pretend to) go to Fig and Fauna.

I was inspired by these beautiful photos courtesy of Cannelle et Vanille, a blog that deserves a dedicated post all to themselves. I hope you will be, too.

A husband and wife duo who decided to get the heck out of suburbia and embrace country life (in South Florida, mind you!), the resulting Fig and Fauna farm looks like a humble slice of utopia. 

I'm so excited to see what their upcoming cookbook has in store. I say this because these photos make me want to slap on a pair of overalls and start helping out with farm chores. And I say that never. 

So enjoy this little respite, check out their site along with Cannelle et Vanille!

Thank goodness for tiny trips.

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