A Recipe Redux

Pssst. Hey.

Yes, you.

You're pretty great. And smart. You know things. Like...real, important things.

You know that sea salt is the holy grail of flavor.
And that eating vegetables, while not always your first impulse, is a must.

You remember that it's okay for dessert to come first...

...and it's more than okay to prefer springtime crostini instead of a fancy dinner out.

You make cheese, for goodness sake.

It's no secret to you that your parties will always revolve around the kitchen table/butcher block/summertime grill. 

You know that she who brings the chocolate has the power.

And more than that, you know you

Ask yourself for advice first. 
Listen to your gut. 
Acknowledge your aspirations. 
Respect your own opinion. 
Take control of the next step. 

You know more than you think you do. 

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