Leave the meatball, take the crostini.

Men, overeating, office complaints, swimsuit season, diets for swimsuit season:  There are certain things in life that are best when shared with friends. Girlfriends, to be exact.

Add crostini to that list.

Earlier this week, after my cheese-making binge, I made an Italian dinner for me and Brian. Fresh semolina pasta, meatballs, sauce; it was an all-out festa, especially for a Tuesday night. I was antsy to use (read: show-off) the ricotta I made, and decided to also put crostini on the menu.

Spring is here, I had beautiful, fat asparagus spears, and I was craving something that tasted sunny and green. After toasting crunchy baguette with olive oil, I rubbed a clove of garlic over the top of each slice to impart a subtle, spicy flavor. A sprinkling of lemon zest into the cheese brought it to life, and I thinly sliced blanched asparagus and sauteed the slivers quickly with plenty of black pepper.

The result? For me, it was perfect. Two crostini and a big kale salad, and I was set. Brian's reaction? "Crostini aren't really my thing. Can you pass the meatballs?" Sigh. Boys will be boys.

1. Call your girlfriends.
2. Pop open a bottle of bubbly.
3. Make this crostini.
4. Eat and dish.
5. Repeat as much as possible.

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