She had her cake.

As far as brides go, I was a bad one. 
I wasn't a bridezilla, or weepy, or bossy.

I was just uninterested in wedding planning.

Don't get me wrong; I couldn't wait to get married.
Brian and I had waited nearly a decade to get to that aisle, and we were in the final lap of the race. But conversations about the wedding were less about flowers and more about "what's taking so long for it to get here??"

I blame my disinterest on two things:
1) I worked at Modern Bride magazine for three years. I loved it, but a huge chunk of my writing assignments were devoted to interviewing brides. Pre-marriage, post-marriage, beauty regimens, bachelorette parties--I talked to them all. About everything. And any friend of a bride knows that when she is planning a wedding, every thought and action orbits around that centrifugal event. By the time I left the magazine, I was a little wedding-ed out, even if it was my own.

2) I hate being the center of attention. Most of the planning leading up to the wedding featured parties and appointments where I would be the guest of honor. Not really into that. I still remember the exact feeling in the pit of my stomach before walking down the aisle on our wedding day. As anxious I was to see Brian, I was dreading having one hundred pairs of eyes on me at once.

The point of this digression (and I do have one) is that the ONE thing I looked forward to--the one thing that I had big plans for and told everyone about--was our wedding cake. During my years at Modern Bride, I had the utmost pleasure of befriending cake master Ron Ben-Israel. I remember the first issue I worked on featured one of his creations. I'd never seen anything like it. I took it home and showed my mom, assuring her that even if I knew nothing else, this uber-talented, sweet-as-pie pro would make my cake one day.

Ron and I had a fun time coming up with a vision of what the cake would look like. I shared a few ideas with him that would have a lesser chef running scared: orange flowers, ruffles and peacock BLUE fondant. 

This cake would be my something blue, my favorite accessory and the most delicious thing on the menu, all wrapped up in one beautiful confection.

Ron rose to the occasion and drew up a sketch that was absolutely inspired. It was as though he had direct insight into my matrimonial soul.

And I think his masterpiece speaks for itself.

And I think my reaction does the same.

The first proverbial slice is dedicated to Ron for bringing to life a gorgeous, sounds-crazy-on-paper, thoroughly modern cake. It looked and tasted like a dream.

All photos courtesy of Lauren Slusher Photography

The last bite is saved for Brian, my patient fiance then and my dear hubby now—the frosting on top of it all.

Note: The thing about Ron's cakes is that they are more delicious than they look (see if you can wrap your brain around that one).

For his Vanilla Cake recipe with Apricot and Pistachio Buttercreams, click here.
For information on Ron, his cakes and contact information, click here.


  1. The cake is awesome.

    Congrats for wedding day! Be happy!

  2. I love him!!! His work is always so elegant, I hope I get to meet and work with him one day...