Something to get excited about.

Quick post here, you may or may not know that Bon Appétit magazine has a fairly new Editor-in-Chief. Adam Rapoport, formerly of GQ, who took the helm late last year, was a surprising choice. He was an editor at a top men's publication...does he know food?

Turns out he does. I was never a big fan of Bon Appétit . I definitely mentioned my love for Gourmet before, and that's where my loyalty has always resided. But since that's no longer (moment of silence), and Bon Appétit has been redesigned (read: new layout, new columns, flashy food shots, etc.), I considered revisiting the magazine.

And then I was convinced to renew my subscription:

Um, an entire issue devoted to Italian cooking...

and a recipe for rainbow cookies? 

And a tutorial in pasta making?

Yes, please.

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