How to succeed on Mondays without really trying.

The one thing Monday owes us is empathy. Sleeping in, brunch with friends, late nights out and the general permission to laze around dissipates on Monday morning when the disturbing 6:00AM alarm sounds off.

[Note: I used to be an early riser. Now that I'm not, I've learned why it's called an alarm. The words 'dread' and 'panic' instantly come to mind when I wake up and realized that no, it's not Sunday. That was yesterday, and that's alarming.]

Generally speaking, when it's time to eat, I want to feel like I'm doing just that. But, there are a lot of studies that prove that starting your day with a smoothie or juice actually boosts your energy. Logic being that rather than wasting what little energy you have on breaking down a sandwich, your body can effortlessly digest a nutritious drink.

Brian and I are trying to start the spring and summer seasons on a healthy, trim note. We're not using the word 'diet'. We're just eating healthier, moving more and avoiding our typical weekend junk food.

[Inspiration here. And here. Just kidding.]

After three days of smoothie breakfasts, I have to say that I notice a difference. A certain lightness, if you will. Here's your breakfast drink in four steps:

1.) Choose your fruit. I used blueberries, strawberries and a banana, but you can use whatever you have on hand. Easy.

2.) Add something healthy. This morning I used flaxseeds. Yesterday it was almond butter. Something with protien and/or omega-3s will make this more of a satisfying meal.

3.) Choose your blending liquid. I prefer almond milk, but I've also used rice milk, yogurt, or even water in the past. Again, whatever you have will do. Too easy.

4.) Blend and congratulate yourself on being a beacon of good health.

The additional perk here is that this takes all of five minutes to make, so you can hit the snooze button once, if not twice. You've already beaten Monday at its own game.

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  1. Such a great blog lady :) Seems like you and Brian are doing well! Just purchased a juicer...I'm juicing anything that will let me. Sweet potatoes, carrots, shoes. Feel like a million bucks! ~ Ali