My taco, my way.

I love Mexican food. And by Mexican, I mean anything with an avocado, lime, cilantro and heat. That pretty much sums up my expertise on the topic. I have several friends who are los aficionados; they know their mole ingredients and how to make a proper tomatillo salsa. I surrender to them.

I'm perfectly fine with being a novice in this area. Sometimes food tastes better when you don't know what you're missing out on. Ignorance at the table can be bliss, and here's my point:

This was my dinner last night when I was craving "Mexican". Make a note that this is about as far removed as Mexican gets, but the flavors were there and I'm not gonna lie...I ate two.

So, what are you looking at? Whatever I had in the fridge that seemed like it would get along in the pan:

1. Shallots + Garlic + Mushrooms = sauteed together with a squeeze of lime juice to brighten it up.

2. Firm tofu 'steak' rubbed with some hot pepper and a smidge of tomato paste, also sauteed until golden with a nice crust.

3. Sliced avocado, fresh arugula, cilantro and cherry tomatoes, all dressed with a lime vinaigrette on a corn tortilla.

A total culinary mashup. Simple farmstand vegetables disguised as something south of the border.
Sometimes a little creativity and naiveté go a long way. It is your dinner after all.

Write your own recipe!

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