Sharpen your cheeses.

That got your attention, didn't it? Listen, whether you like cheese or don't, can tolerate it or not, or support it or don't, please check these out and fall in love as I have.

Prior to developing a lactose intolerance (which led to an aversion to the dairy industry in general), I was a cheese freak. It's a family gene, I think. To this day cheese, especially the smelly, moldy kind, is my weakness. Although it's not a part of my life anymore, the old passion flared up once I laid my eyes on these:

A pencil, made of cheese, that you use a sharpener to grate? I think you can understand why this appeals to the cheese freak who got psyched over back-to-school shopping (read: ME). See the colors at the tip of each pencil? Those are flavor infusions: truffle, pesto and chili. You have to love the Germans who invented this for having the insight to pair the American obsession with convenience with Italian cheese and innovative northern European design. Go you, Germany.

Perhaps there's a chocolate Wite-Out in the future?

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