So, about this weekend...

Happy weekend, friends! Tomorrow (or today, by the time I actually post this), Saturday, July 16th, is an exciting day for Pip Cooks. I mean, Saturdays are pretty exciting all by themselves, but tomorrow is a fun one.

I'm happy to announce that Pip Cooks' treats will be available for purchase starting this weekend at The Bean in NYC's East Village. The Bean happens to be my favorite spot in the neighborhood for coffee and conversation. Local artists, independent bakers (ahem), and fun regulars add distinctive flare to this charming shop.  Beginning tomorrow, my Cinnamon-Crunch Donut Holes and PB&J Tartlets will debut alongside The Bean's already delicious selection of desserts. While my snacks and flavors will be rotating, they will ONLY be rotating if they are eaten by happy, hungry coffee guzzlers.

Sneak Peek: Donuts, Tarts and Cookies headed out to The Bean!

SO, dear foodies, if you happen to be walking around in the 'hood tomorrow or later this week, I would so appreciate your popping in for a bite!

Thanks for sharing the love!

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